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Improving Monitoring Efforts Across its Rewilding Landscapes.

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The Zoological Society of London (ZSL) is a world-renowned centre of excellence for conservation science and applied conservation. Wildlife monitoring is a priority skillset within ZSL, including pioneering the development of novel and innovative monitoring solutions and supporting partners worldwide to track and improve wildlife recovery initiatives.

This project will enable ZSL to enhance wildlife monitoring in 10 critical rewilding landscapes across Europe. Project partners Rewilding Europe practice rewilding in 10 diverse landscapes across 11 countries, from the Velebit Mountains of Croatia to the magnificent Danube Delta.

With the Ecological Restoration Fund’s support, ZSL will build Rewilding Europe’s capacity to monitor wildlife recovery rigorously and efficiently throughout all 10 landscapes, drawing on various survey methods and recent advances in species monitoring science and technology.

Key activities include establishing an integrated, scalable wildlife monitoring framework, which enables Rewilding Europe to track progress against ecological objectives for the long term, and training Rewilding Europe staff to implement species monitoring effectively at the site level.

Through enhanced monitoring, this project will help ensure that efforts to restore nature across Europe are successful and provide critical evidence to inspire restoration efforts worldwide.