Butterfly – Cédric VT, Unsplash.

  • Long-term horizon

    We offer long-term grants to thoroughly vetted organisations. These grants boost financial stability, freeing NGOs to strategise, innovate, and execute impactful, large-scale biodiversity projects beyond the scope of short-term funding.

  • Core-funding

    Committed to core funding, we allocate resources to strengthen our grantees’ foundations, enabling them to adapt, focus on their mission, and make a lasting environmental impact.

  • Minimise Reporting Demands

    We aim to minimise our reporting demands, allowing grantees to dedicate their time and resources to restoring and promoting biodiversity effectively.

  • Transparency

    We value transparency, fostering open communication, embracing growth opportunities, and promoting trust and accountability in all our interactions.

  • Trust

    We trust our partners, but we also trust other funders – if a charity has been through due diligence with one funder recently, that data can be carried over to ERF.

  • Flexibility

    Recognising the dynamic nature of ecosystem restoration, we prioritise flexibility in our grants, empowering grantees to adapt when needed, based on clear and persuasive cases.

  • Climate Change

    With many global entities already addressing climate change, ERF prioritises the frequently overlooked issue of biodiversity loss. Despite this, our initiative indirectly aids climate stabilisation through the carbon-sequestering ecosystems we rejuvenate or protect.

  • Communities

    We recognise the critical role of indigenous peoples and local communities in shaping the projects and organisations we choose to support. We adhere to three core ideas – Opportunity, Involvement, and Stewardship – to ensure that our work benefits both nature and people.