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The Lifescape Project

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    England, UK


The Lifescape Project was established in 2017 by a team of individuals from multiple different organisations who, motivated by the significant degradation of the world’s ecosystems in recent times, wanted to make a real difference in the protection of the global ecosystem. They combined their expertise in the fields of ecology, law, economics, academia and sustainability with their love for the environment in an entirely new project.

Great Britain was originally home to an assemblage of mammal species like those currently found in recovering parts of mainland Europe. Over the last two thousand years, many of these species have been driven into extinction or populations left clinging on in remote areas.

Lifescape has undertaken a multi-year comprehensive, collaborative and multidisciplinary feasibility study of the reintroduction of keystone species into England and Wales. The broad areas of work included ecological habitat suitability assessment and population viability, legal and licensing considerations, conflict management and mitigation and practicalities of source populations and approaches to release.

All of the above, built on their previous experience, lessons learned, recent academic work, and the best available new evidence and information. This includes the findings of the IUCN’s “Global Reintroductions Perspectives” series, learnings from other reintroduction projects in Europe, and learnings from the experiences of other organisations who have recently engaged in species reintroduction projects in the UK, amongst other sources.