Rewilding Portugal

(Rewilding Portugal)

Project Name

Greater Côa Valley - Making Portugal a Wilder Place

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  • Granted

    £25,000 (2022) & part of the £9m grant to Rewilding Europe (2023+)

  • Year

    2022 & 2023-26

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Rewilding Portugal is an environmental NGO that aims to promote nature conservation through rewilding measures in Portugal. Rewilding Portugal is the main partner of Rewilding Europe in the Greater Côa Valley rewilding area and is working closely with Rewilding Europe to achieve the shared goal of making Portugal a wilder place.

The Greater Côa Valley region is an important wildlife corridor for many species in the area, reinforcing that corridor could play an essential role in the recovery of rare species such as the black stork and Iberian wolf. Rewilding Portugal aims to strengthen the wildlife corridor by purchasing critical areas along the corridor, creating new nature reserves and new and vital wetland features, and promoting forest diversification with native species. The project will carry out habitat restoration activities that improve critical areas for these species. They are also bringing back large herbivores to the landscapes, and there are currently two herds of semi-wild Sorraia horses in the Greater Côa Valley.