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Beaver Reintroductions

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    United Kingdom


The British beaver population continues to grow, but as this iconic native species returns, some landowners may need support to ensure they can live in renewed coexistence. The funding will help support the restoration of and coexistence with beavers across Britain.

Beavers have returned to different parts of Britain since the early 2000s, breathing new life into ecosystems, creating diverse habitats and connecting people with nature. However, reintroducing a native species that has been absent from Britain for several centuries doesn’t come without its challenges and learning opportunities. This grant will help the growth of the beaver population in Britain by supporting two key areas of the Beaver Trusts work: releasing beavers at new sites and providing their team with the equipment and resources they need to carry out mitigation and trapping. It means that over the next three years, our Restoration Team will have the resources and equipment they need to work with landowners.