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Cheshire Beaver Project

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Cheshire Wildlife Trust is an environmental NGO in England that aims to help create a thriving world where wildlife and natural habitats play a valued role in addressing climate and ecological emergencies. They also aim to inspire others to get involved in nature’s recovery.

Cheshire Wildlife Trust is undertaking a six-year project to introduce beavers back into the wild. This follows from their successful Delamere Forest beaver enclosed project, where beavers bred for the first time in Cheshire for 400 years. The new project will have two phases: a licensing phase (complying with legislative processes associated with a wild release) and, if licensing is successful, the reintroduction phase (bringing back beavers to multiple locations across Cheshire). This is an exciting project which has the potential to restore wetlands across the county, 90% of which have been lost in the last 100 years. This isn’t just about reintroducing a species – it’s about reintroducing an entire ecosystem that’s been lost. Beaver activity creates diverse and dynamic wetlands – helping to connect floodplains with their watercourses. In turn, these wetlands can bring enormous benefits to other species.