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Wilder Wetter Caerlaverock

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Wildfowl and Wetland Trust (WWT) are the UK’s leading wetland conservation charity that restores, creates and protects wetlands such as Caerlaverock in Scotland.

Historically, in the area around Caerlaverock, there was a habitat transition from saltmarsh through wet grassland to lowland raised bog. However, land reclamation, intensive farming, peat clearance, land drainage and coniferisation of peatland bogs have broken up those habitats into small, isolated blocks. This project looks to restore that former natural habitat transition landscape and re-connect the landscape by rewetting the land to allow the natural coastal process to start to develop. The project will allow natural processes to develop a more natural and resilient coastline.  Creating a series of pools will also make important habitats for rare species within the landscape, including rare Natterjack toads.