Eagle Reintroduction Wales

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White-tailed Eagle Re-introduction

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    Wales, United Kingdom


The Eagle Reintroduction Wales (ERW) project is looking into the feasibility of bringing the lost eagles of Wales back to soaring the skies of iconic landscapes. While Welsh culture is shaped by leeks, daffodils, and dragons, eagles are also part of  Welsh heritage, biodiversity, and culture. Both the Golden Eagle/Eryr euraid and the White-tailed Eagle/Eryr y mor (also known as Sea Eagles) were once a common sight across the skies of historic Wales and much of the UK.

Despite an abundance of suitable habitats for both species in Wales, the landscape has been bare of breeding eagles for over 150 years. This exciting project, led by Welsh Raptor Conservationist Dr. Sophie-lee Williams is gathering scientific evidence and collating the case to present to statutory conservation agencies to restore sea eagles  back to their historic Welsh homes.

Eagle Reintroduction Wales is working in partnership with Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust and Gwent Wildlife Trust to restore this magnificent native-lost species back to the skies, coastlines, estuaries, wetlands, rivers and lakes of South-east Wales and the wider Severn Estuary.

Other European reintroduction’s have highlighted that by restoring this important species and it’s ecosystem functions, they provide wider conservation benefits to regulate and support habitat and wildlife health and resilience across aquatic ecosystems.