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Akrotiri Marine Protection Area

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This project aims to protect and restore the marine ecosystem surrounding Akrotiri in southern Cyprus. This area is one of the country’s most productive and valuable marine areas, characterised by carbon-trapping seagrass beds, rocky coral reefs and sandbars. Warm and cool Mediterranean currents converge, resulting in a productive upwelling, which leads to high marine biodiversity. The area supports numerous protected and endangered species, including groupers, sea turtles, guitar sharks and Mediterranean monk seals. Despite its high ecological importance, the marine area of Akrotiri has been insufficiently managed and overfished.

The Blue Marine Foundation has been working to create a Marine Protected Area (MPA) management plan that will enable the restoration of marine life and provide a sustainable resource for artisanal, small-scale fisheries. MPA’s are an EU statutory designation designed to conserve Europe’s marine life and are a globally recognised tool for managing and enhancing our marine ecosystems.