Birdlife Sverige

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Wetland Restoration and Creation

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BirdLife Sverige is the national Swedish bird association, a partner in the global partnership BirdLife International, an international network of environmental NGOs which acts in over 100 countries. BirdLife Sverige has 25 regional associations that work on a regional level to undertake conservation work to protect habitats, save species, and help to end the nature and climate emergency.

Sweden has lost a significant part of its wetlands due to the extensive draining over the last 150 years. This has had a major adverse impact on associated biodiversity. The project seeks to increase the number and area of wetlands, especially within agricultural landscapes and forest habitats, to increase biodiversity and reduce the loss of nutrients in rivers and the Baltic Sea. This includes creating new wet meadows suitable for the shoreline bird community, including endangered birds such as the southern dunlin and black-tailed godwit.